Shipping & Returns

Return and Exchange Policy

Guarantee the satisfaction and well being of our customers is part of our mission. So that their rights are respected, we create a "Return or Exchange Policy, based on the Consumer Protection Code, because we want our relationship is based on trust.

Read below the necessary procedures occur when:


Every product purchased through our site may be changed if there is:

1) Defects in the product
Breakdown - Immediately notify our office by phone or email, to arrange for product replacement. We will not accept claims after the 7 days after receipt of product.
Defect and / or malfunction - If detected within 7 days after the receipt will be solved directly by our store or by e-mail. If detected after 7 days, should be directed to Customer Service from the manufacturer. The manufacturer will have a period of up to 30 days to fix / repair the product, otherwise the customer will be entitled to:
- Order replacement product;
- To request a refund of the amount already paid;

In any case, it is necessary that we return the product in original packaging with accessories, manuals and purchase document.

Effectiveness of the Exchange

We will send the new product and on delivery, the carrier will collect the product to be exchanged. If you do not have similar product in stock, the customer will have the right to exchange for another of equal or greater value, thereby paying the difference, or wait for input on the stock item.

2) Dissatisfaction

Where the customer is not satisfied with the product, please contact until 7 calendar days from the date of receipt of product. The product must be in their original packaging with accessories, manuals and purchase document. The customer has the right to use the credit and exchange it for another product or request cancellation.

Removal of Gross

Collect the product at the delivery location and so that it return to our distribution center, we would refund the amount already paid, thus:

- The value of postage will not be refunded - your credit card, the reversal may occur in up to 2 consecutive bills reminding that this procedure is the responsibility of the entity administering the credit card.

Cancellation of delivery

We reserve the right to cancel purchases in exceptional cases such as:

- No approval of purchase by the entity administering the credit card. Before the cancellation, our company will contact you by email or telephone offering another payment option;

- Bank transfer is not made. If the bank transfer was not made until 8 days after the completion of the order, the purchase will automatically be canceled. If you want you can redo your request.

- Data do not add or absence of data. If the data provided by the client in the verification process, are nonexistent or wrong, the customer will receive a notice via email and can contact to provide new data or modify those already submitted. If the customer does not return the contact and confirm the information, the purchase will be canceled.