Conditions of use

How to Buy


At the time of purchase, it is imperative that you find ease and security in the process. So we created a system of buying objective and easy to understand. Check!


You can choose the product before buying, in different ways. The first is through one of our lines, that you find in the sidebar of the homepage. Clicking "POS printer, for example, you can choose which one you want to see. For more information about the machine you want, click "Details", where you can see different images and still read the data sheet and product description chosen. Another way to find a product, and get faster to the demand, the system is to use "Search". For this, type the word you want to search and click "Search.


To further facilitate the choice, put several products featured on the front page of the site. They are seen as you enter the site, and are changed frequently so that you always find a board and price different product. If you want to buy them or know more about them, just click on the product images, or icons shown.


Chosen product, go to the next step. Now, just click "Buy". You will see a new page where you should report the amount of products you wish to purchase, if different from 1 unit. The shipping fee may vary according to size and weight of the product and also the site of delivery. Just above the value of the rate of shipment, observe the deadline.


If you want to purchase another item, click "add product" and repeat the procedure. If you prefer to complete your order, choose the payment option (credit card, PayPal, surveying the store, or other ...), and click "Checkout". Thereafter, your application will be closed and you enter an area 100% safe to send your personal information.


If you are already our customer, enter the places mentioned, your e-mail address and password and press "OK". If this is your first purchase on the site, fill out forms with personal data and create a password to be used in future in order to monitor their applications and make new purchases.


Add the information necessary to effect the purchase method of payment and enter the address for delivery of the product. If the product is to present, use the "Gift" and enter a card that will be delivered with the goods at no additional cost. In this case the product will be accompanied by an invoice, no outstanding value, but with validity for a possible replacement or use the warranty service.


After filling out and give this information, you must click "Confirm Order" to send the request to our warehouse.


Note that orders for which payment is not made within a maximum of 8 days will be automatically canceled.


Receive your request immediately, and the same will be confirmed by us. You can print it and save for future reference. If you need to contact us, always use the order number contained in that confirmation.


To accompany your application, you can use the "Accompanying Form" located at the top of the site.


If you have been with any questions, please contact us, we will be happy to assist you.


Good consultation and Happy shopping!